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Tricitra Communications (PT Global Tricitra Moderniti) is established to provide potential companies or organizations with current high quality Marketing Communication and Public Relations Services for the benefit of the competitiveness of their businesses. Our long-time experiences in the field of marketing communications and public relations, and publications, including finance, will become other benefits for our clients.

The company is founded on July 2003 by three young professionals who are concerned in the development of high quality communication services in Indonesia. What we do today is helping various companies, government agencies, and educational institutions in an effort to increase their image and competitive values so that they are able to face the new world of economy successfully.

We help them promote their products, services and high quality production facilities. We create all promotional and marketing materials, including public relations activities through various ways of implementation. By doing those related activities we are able to promote their companies, agencies, and institutions to reach their short-term and long-term goals.

We do have the capability to do all that and have been supported by our experienced staffs. We have been working with many big local and foreign organizations, private, public or state-owned companies (BUMN).

In line with the growing of Internet users, corporate websites and various online marketing and promotion activities, Tricitra Communications realize that the new paradigm shift has already started. The new era of information society will not only affect how people communicate, but how they are doing their businesses and interacting with their customers.

To respond the new era effectively, we proudly provide relevant services for our clients in term of: Internet Marketing Communications, Web-based Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Corporate Blog Development and Maintenance, etc.

For the benefit of our customers, we are also able to provide them with financial analysis and financial statement/report, and tax consulting services.


The Management of Tricitra Communications consists of people that are having more than 10 years of experience at several companies with various jobs and level of positions. Our capabilities and experiences will be fully contributed for the benefit of our clients. Our clients' success is our success.

Why Tricitra Communications

With the ever increasing market competition and the globalization era just ahead of us, it is not surprising that many companies encourage themselves to do their best to be the market leader.

Tricitra Communications is one that has the capability to help companies to reach their objectives and to be the market leader, especially in the field of services it provides.

Our Services

Our Fees

  • Our fees are competitive and with the rates we are charging it may be more cost effective and advantageous than employing a full time employee.


  • To be the leading company in Marketing Communication, Public Relations, and Publication Services

  • Focus on consumer needs to strengthen our position as the leading company in Marketing Communication, Public Relations, and Publication services.
  • Assisting major companies, government agencies, and educational institutions with the needs of promoting their businesses,
  • Professionally to provide the competitive edge to our clients in facing their businesses for the year 2008 and beyond

ICT & Internet Business


Mobile and Wireless

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